Black and White Dance Floors

To obtain a Quotation we need the following information:

1. Size of the dance floor.

2. Venue where the dance floor will need to be setup.

3. Style and colour of the dance floor.

4. What surface will the dance floor be setup on.

5. The date of the event.

6. Setup and packup times.

Quotations can only be recived by email not over the phone.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or call

Steve on 0422 718 899


Frequently asked questions.

You may find the asswer to you question i this list of frequently asked questions.

I need a outdoor dance floor to be setup on grass, gravel, sand etc..

Sorry we do not have any dance floor which can be setup outdoors on grass or any loose surface. all our dance floors are for indoor use.

What are your prices?

Due to many factors like dance floor sizes, styles, venue access, venue bump in and out times we cannot have standard prices for our products, every job is quoted individually.

what is our standard dance floor?

We do not have standard dance floors or standard sizes.

every customer has their own requirements.

What do i need to provide in order to recive a quotation?

We require the following:

- The size of the dance floor you require?

- what style dance floor would you like a price on?

- Venue name or residential location?

- What surface will the dance floor need to be setup on?

- What time will the dance floor need to be delivered and removed? 

My venue requires the dance floor to be removed straight after the event finishes can you do this?

- Yes we can but we must be given at lease 1 weeks notice and there are additinal charges for this service.

We can only get access to our venue from 2pm can you assist?

- We prefer to bump in as early as possible and not leave it till late in the day, We may be able to bump in late but we would need     7 days notice to make sure we have staff avaliable otherwise if it is short notice we may be able to assist.

How can i recieve a quotation?

To avoid any missunderstandings we cannot quote jobs over the phone.

All quotations will require a email with all required details then a written quotation will be sent.





White Picket fence hire


White Picket fence system is the preferred choice for portable PVC event fencing. This affordable temporary fencing system is the quickest and most effortless event fencing system on the market, offering superior performance, and ease of installation.

With a revolutionary new joining system this is the world's fastest fence to install, without any fiddly pins or tools.

Perfect for all:

  • Major events
  • Corporate events
  • Exhibitions
  • Community events
  • Cafes


  • High quality white PVC ensure that our picket fences always look amazing not old and weathered
  • Rapid joining system
  • Simple one person installation
  • Tough construction makes the panels strong, yet lightweight
  • Extremely durable, and maintenance free
  • Modular metric design makes length calculation a breeze
  • Australian Made - high quality
  • High stability with over 42% more stability than comparable systems
  • Meets most requirements for liquor licensed events, extending applications

The No.1 portable event fencing system in the world.


White picket fence hire

Nice neat finish with no sharp edges.

White picket fence hire Melbourne

picket fence hire

Event white picket fence hire


Strong and stable construction.

major event fence hireS

Call us today for a quotation.

0422 7188 99


Fairy Lighting


Our Lighting are Low 24 voltage for safety but look amazing.

Please don't confuse our lights with the cheap Ebay Fairly lights, our are a very nice warm white light.

We are dedicated to creating unforgettable lighting designs

Choosing between a bold statement or soft magical ambience will be your hardest decision as we guide you through professional lighting options to complement the themes of your venue or event. 

With a large range of services including short or long term hire, complete installation, we're confident we'll have a solution to suit your needs




Mirror Wishing Well, Mirrored gift box for weddings. 

Add some extra elegance using this gorgeous feature piece for your wedding, christening or birthday! Bevel Edge all mirrored clear glass wishing well with framed mirror front for photo or card placement. 

Secure hatch underneath to remove cards, Fits approx up to 200 envelopes

Material: Glass Mirror (not acrylic) 

Size: 50cmL x 33cm x 30cm 


Quality mirror wishing well for hire in Melbourne